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 American Bulldogs & Shorty Bulls

We are  American bulldogs and Shorty bulls breeder and enthusiasts. We have a small kennel established in 2003 in Ontario, Canada. We  have American Bulldog Puppies or Shorty Bull puppies once  a year. The main purpose of these breedings is to improve our stock and offer American Bulldogs for sale to the public. We always keep a pup or more from the litter so we always reserve the right for the first pick of the litter.

Puppies are whelped under our supervision and with the best vet care. We feed our American Bulldogs and Shortys mostly raw meat diet and supplement with quality dog food. American Bulldogs we keep have been with us for 3 generations so we know grand , grand parents of our pups. We run a tight program testing and eliminating dogs as necessary.

Our goal is to produce, strong, agile, healthy even tempered American bulldogs. Our American Bulldogs and Shortybulls make excellent family companions and some are well suited for work. The majority of the American Bulldog Puppies we offer for sale end up with families and we are well known in American Bulldog community for producing the dogs with stable temperaments.We have been involved in producing 9 champion American Bulldogs in the last few years.

If you would like more information please call us 289 339 7812 or send an email:

I highly recommend Steel City to anyone who is interested in getting an american bulldog. 7 years ago, my fiancé got our American Bulldog, Patron, from Steel City. He is such a handsome boy, and he is very good-natured, and calm, but he still has energy like a young dog when it’s time to for a walk, jog, or play with other dogs. He is great with my children, and other children who come to our home. We couldn’t be more pleased with him. Over the years, we have gone to them with questions, and they are always eager to help us out. Not only do they provide quality bulldogs; they truly care about the well being of the dogs, and the satisfaction of their customers.

Lauren Sladic

We couldn’t be more happy with Gator our American Bulldog. He is surely an ambassador for the breed! Extremely well behaved, smart and has the best temperament. He is a rock star in our neighborhood, loved by everybody and everywhere we go people are always shouting “awesome dog” ! Gator has been a real pleasure to have in our lives, so many good memories and so many more to come. Thank you martin & Kinga for breeding wonderful American Bulldogs.

Matt Tolle

I contacted Steel City American Bulldogs about four years ago looking for a Shorty Bull pup. They answered all my questions I had as well as gave me a bunch more information on the bed. After the research i went down to see all their dogs and chat and chose the pup I wanted. Great people to deal with and still keep in touch through the years.

Travis Eliot

Our family was very lucky to gain an amazing addition when we got T-Bone from Steel City American Bulldogs. T-bone was from their litter of Bubba (US and Canadian Ch) and Bubbles. He is an amazing combination of massive size, power and drive with an incredibly sweet temperament but will protect his home and people without hesitation if needed. Friends have also bought both American Bulldogs and a Shorty Bull from Kinga and Martin and all are healthy and happy family dogs!

Euan Reid

4 1/2 years ago I decided to become a first time dog owner. After much research I stumbled across Steel City American Bulldogs. My correspondence with Kinga and Martin led me to my decision of becoming an American Bulldog owner. They were very helpful, informative and supportive. Stella came home to us 4 years ago, she is an AMAZING dog! I have since welcomed a second american bulldog and in the future I will definitely be coming back to Steel City American Bulldogs. Thank you guys so much ♥

Karen Ward

Martin and Kinga truly love every animal they have and or shows in their temperament.How many amazing things can I say about bullies! They are one of the best breads I have owned.I couldn’t have had such a successful litter without Steel City American Bulldogs.
Chad Moore

I am a grandma to American Bulldog Rocky from Steel City – son of Big Papa Chopper &  Chevelle. Couldn’t ask for a more loving pup. Rocky is one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever met and I feel quite blessed to spend a lot of time with him from day 1 (always sad to leave him). he adds a lot of joy to our lives. with great pleasure we dog sit him often. His owners joked that we’ll be there for him 1st instead of the hospital, should something put them there. He’s gentle with children, great with people. one of my many great memories of him is at times, while a young puppy, he used to nicely walk my other grandson (an adult doberman) by its lead. I recommend Steel City American Bulldogs to anyone who wants to get an American Bulldog; I will definitely go to Steel City first if I want to get one. Thank you for Rocky Steel City!

Simone Nizamudin

We chose Steel City American Bulldogs because  they were patient and kind. Their goal was not to simply sell us an animal; they knew their dogs and they wanted what was best for us. They took the time to get to know us, and then match us up with the perfect dogs. We were very impressed with the set-up,i t was clean and well cared for, as were the dogs. They volunteered information on the health testing of most of the immediate relatives of the sire and dam for both dogs. Our dogs had already been introduced to children and animals as part of their socialization prior to joining our family. They even openly discussed the frequent problems some people may have with the breed. Since acquiring our first american bulldog from them (Zipper) in 2011, they have been a resource for advice and support.  We loved them so much that we purchased another american bulldog (Stella) in 2013. Even the second time around they asked us  questions about our lifestyle, family and why we were looking for another American Bulldog. The have always been happy to answer any of our questions. We will forever be American Bulldog owners and we will consider Steel City American Bulldogs before anyone else because our experiences and their continued interest in our animals sets them above the rest.

Lee Smith

We have a 7yr old American Bulldog from Steel City and plan on adding another in the near future !! Over the past 7 years if I ever had any questions regarding health or food choices I knew I could ask Martin. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog!

Alicia Walker

Our American bulldog was the best dog I’ve ever had and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Steel City gave us a beautiful healthy puppy that grew in to a beautiful dog! Love, love, love!

Brenda Nutford

Great experience especially considering it was long distance. Daddy is five and healthy with a good temperament.

Doug Illingworth

I am a happy Steel City American bulldog owner !!! Martin and Kinga thank you we love Nero !

Arnaldo Colon