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The Shorty Bull breed was created as a collaborative effort of co-founders Jamie Sweet and Amy Krogman of Kansas.  They researched several breeds to select the optimum physical and temperamental characteristics needed to form the lovable Shorty Bull.  Their vision called for a healthy, functional, stable temperament, smaller dog cloaked with bulldog looks.  With its unique appearance, spunk and personality.

Shortybull Booster

Shortybull Zodiac

Shortybull Brown


Males: max of 15” at the withers (shoulders)
Females: max of 14” at the withers


Males: 30-34#
Females: 28-32#

The Shorty Bull is good natured and even-tempered.  Unwarranted aggression towards humans is a disqualifying fault.  They should be confident, gregarious and project an impression of ownership of all that is around them.  They should have the ability to co-habitate with other pets and an enjoyment of children in keeping with the bull breeds they are derived from.  There should be loyalty to the family and a great desire to be with their people.  Their size does not lend to them being a successful guardian, but they should not be yappy either.  The willingness to stand their ground makes them a true bulldog.  Alert and watchful with the ability to notify family of the arrival of strangers or noise and commotion out of the normal is without question a part of this breed.   A bigger than life attitude while endearing may find them in need of rescue from larger dominate counterparts.   Proper socialization is important to ensure they establish a hierarchy in keeping with their size and ability. Obedience training is recommended with this or any breed.  They are quick learners, but will show a stubborn streak if your training lacks consistency or resolve.