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Female 1 – Pepa

American Bulldog Puppy Female Available For Sale 289 339 7812 Sire: http://www.steelcityamericanbulldogs.com/brutus/ Dam: http://www.steelcityamericanbulldogs.com/georgia-american-bulldog/ $500.00 Puppy Deposit

American Bulldog Puppies and Shortybull Puppies Available

American Bulldog Puppies for sale from Georgia x Brutus. Click here for Georgia’s Pedigree. HERE Georgia’s Pictures: Click here for Brutus’s Pedigree: HERE Brutus Pictures: We also have Shortybull puppies for sale from Girly x Booster

We have been measuring Girly’s temperature every day – it was was over 38 C but this morning it dropped to 35C. Guess what does it mean ??? Today is the day we are having shortybull puppies!!! Mom’s Picture Dad’s Picture

New American Bulldog Litter Arrived

American Bulldog litter from  Georgia x Brutus have arrived so please check out often to see updated pictures and message us to reserve your choice. Click on this link to CONTACT US We have 5 males and 3 females. During the first few weeks of life, a

Exercising Your American Bulldog

Exercising your American Bulldog If you have an active family then the American Bulldog will fit right in. You need to give your dog about an hour or more of  exercise per day in order to keep him happy. If you don’t deliver these exercise requirements,  the

Puppies coming from Georgia x Brutus

We are expecting American Bulldog puppies from Georgia x Brutus to be born at the end of July. We are accepting deposits for puppies now. Call or text 289 339 7812 or send us an email!

Shortybull Puppies opened their eyes

Shortybull puppies opened their eyes.   HOME

Shortybull puppies

Shortybull puppies – Although Shortybulls are small, they are definitely not delicate and will thrive in any lifestyle.  please watch our video to see our new puppies.

Shorty bull Puppies are here from Gustoff x Peggy!

Shorty bull  female puppies from Peggy x Gustoff! Pawsitive’s Bites like a gator (Gustoff) OBBA CH ..GDT IDT3 IDT5 IDTT   Summary Aggregate Ratingno rating based on 0 votes


Penny American Bulldog All our American Bulldog puppies come with registration papers, vaccinations and deworming.   We make sure that our American Bulldog puppies are examined by the vet before they go to their new forever homes.