About Us

Our goal is to produce, strong, agile, healthy even tempered American bulldogs. Our American Bulldogs and Shortybulls make excellent family companions and some are well suited for work. The majority of the American Bulldog Puppies we offer for sale end up with families and we are well known in American Bulldog community for producing the dogs with stable temperaments.We have been involved in producing 9 champion American Bulldogs in the last few years.

If you would like more information please call us 289 339 7812 or send an email: steelcityamericanbulldogs@gmail.com



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Kim Fuller

— 5 star

November 27, 2017

Love love my two new puppies. They are so smart and just loving.. Thank you Kinga for all you do.. Hammer and Sophie having an awesome time at their new home.. In just 3 days they have brought happiness back into our home..

Ashly Manitowaba-Macfarland

— 5 star

I have a 6 year old female from bubba(steel city American bulldogs) and Mackenzie Daniels litter. I got her when my daughter was only 6 months old and raised them together. She is the most loyal, friendliest and very protective of my daughter. If my daughter is outside shes not far behind keeping an eye on her. They turn into beautiful dogs and make great family pets. You won’t be disappointed with one of steel city’s puppies, I can guarantee it. I’d love to get another one in a few years from this breeder. Love this breed!

A big thank you to Kinga Zak and steel city American bulldogs for the newest addition to our family she is fitting in well with her big brothers she has a full belly and is now passed out