The Sporn Training Halter works the best of all the ‘patents’ I’ve tried. Make sure you start training your puppy as early as possible. When your American bulldog is three months old, it is easy to control him but when your dog weighs 120 lbs, walking can become a nightmare.


Training Tips


Hold only the end of the leash, giving your American bulldog free rein, and start forward. Remember that this is walking on a loose leash, not heeling! As soon as your American bulldog puts even slight tension on the leash, use a quick, clear verbal reprimand such as “Stop!’ Do not shout or try to communicate anger to your American bulldog, and don’t use a word you use in other situations, such as ’No’.


A moment after giving the ‘Stop!’ command, give one quick, hard jerk on the leash and start walking in the opposite direction. This will put the dog behind you. When he catches up to your side, praise him and reward him for not pulling on the leash. Continue to praise him and offer treats as long as he refrains from pulling.


When the dog puts tension on the leash again, use the ’Stop!’ command, follow it with a jerk on the leash and about-turn. Then praise and reward the correct behavior.


Your ‘Stop!’ command serves as a warning and an aid for the American bulldog to help him figure out why he is being corrected. After a few repetitions of this routine, you may find that he immediately slackens the leash when you give the command. If this happens, praise your American bulldog, give him treats, and do not correct him! He has just learned what the unwanted behavior is, and how to stop doing it.


However, every time you use the stop command follow with a quick correction if the leash is not immediately slackened. Before long, your American bulldog should be walking on a loose leash, and you will find that often the verbal command will be all that is required to stop any pulling in its tracks.



Please figure out how to use one – they are a great tool to stop your dog from pulling and correct unwanted behaviors.