American Bulldog care is an important subject for the new owners. It is very important to teach an American bulldog a good behavior from the beginning. Observe your American bulldog puppy and learn the signs when he is about to relive himself. The common signs are: crouching and straining after play, eating and drinking, after waking up. The right thing to do is getting your puppy outdoor as soon as possible. Praising afterwards with a small treat or petting will help in building positive behavior path.

In times that you are not around your puppy to supervise place him in the crate. American bulldogs do not like to soil the area where they sleep and if the accident happens it is easier to clean. When crating your American bulldog make sure that he has access to clean water.

If the puppy relives himself when you are around firm shake on the nap on his neck accompanied by no command and immediate removal outside should help.


Plan ahead where your American bulldog will be permitted. Keep your puppy away from carpeting because accidents happen and it is really hard to remove stains and smell from carpets.

When the American bulldog puppy is teething it will chew on everything: electric cords, furniture etc.

The best thing to do if you cannot supervise is to crate your American bulldog puppy. You should buy the crate and/or portable fence to separate your puppy from the parts of the house that you don’t want him to enter. Do not let your dog on the couches, bed and chairs from the day one. You should make no exceptions to this rule if you do not want your American bulldog to sleep with you. While American bulldog puppies are cute and cuddly they eventually will become big adults.


Name your American bulldog puppy with one name and do not change it over time to avoid confusion. Always treat your American bulldog nicely when he comes to you. Little pat on the head, nice words, small treat. Practice makes perfect so make sure that you make a lot of repetitions.

If this method doesn’t work you can put your dog on the long leash and pull on the leash every time you want him to come. Make sure you do enough repetitions. If the puppy doesn’t come when you call him simply go and get him by collar to the place that you originally wanted him. Do not reward or punish the dog in this case. You should insist that American bulldog comes every time you call by not doing so we give him a message that he doesn’t really have to do it. Do not repeat yourself call only once or twice, American bulldog should come after the first command.


American Bulldog care is about making your home safe for the dog. Most homes contain lots of poisonous substances like toxic house plants, antifreeze, mothballs, cleaners, pesticides. Antifreeze poisoning causes vomiting, nervousness and coma, then death. Another risk is the consumption of poison put out for snails, slugs and rodents. Keep the following out of reach of your dog:

automotive products,cleaners,cosmetics,art and photo supplies,solvents,pesticides,paints disinfectants,medicines,spoiled garbage, Christmas decorations.


6-7 weeks old -first combination vaccine (Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Distemper, Hepatitis, Coronavirus)

9 weeks old – second combination vaccine

12 weeks old – third combination vaccine

12-18 weeks old rabies vaccine / then you have to give the booster for rabies


Puppy crate training is one of the most effective ways to housebreak your new American bulldog puppy. Even before you bring your  puppy home, have the  crate ready .


The size of the crate is important. Check out this website for crate size: For proper crate training, you should have plenty of room in the crate for the American bulldog puppy to turn around, stand and lie down, but don’t get one that’s too big. Puppies feel uncomfortable in a crate that’s so big they rattle around in it. American bulldog is a breed that will grow large,so it’s okay to buy a bigger crate for him to grow into, but make sure it has an adjustable partition in the back. This lets you keep his living space comfortable, but you can still expand it by moving the partition back.


Place your new  puppy gently in his crate. Make sure you’ve also put a towel  and a treat or toy in the crate. If you’re using a wire crate for puppy crate training, always remove the collar first so it won’t get snagged on the wire. You may hear some crying at this point. You need to ignore it. Sometimes it helps to cover the crate with a blanket. Puppies like an enclosed space. It’s their den. After your American bulldog puppy has remained in the crate for about twenty minutes, remove him from the crate and take him outside. As soon as he goes potty, praise him, pet him and make him feel loved and close.


The next step in the puppy crate training process is to bring your puppy back inside and play together for twenty minutes.


Then it’s time to put your American bulldog puppy back in the crate. You’ll be able to gradually increase the crate time to two hours. Puppies will not usually go potty in their crates. If your puppy has an accident, never scold. They really don’t understand the idea that going potty is bad, so scolding doesn’t help. It only confuses them. For best results with puppy crate training, you’ll need to have a schedule. And when you take your puppy outside, always make sure you take him to the same spot. Especially at first, every time you remove him from his crate, you’ll want to take him outside. This builds a clear association in his mind. As your  puppy begins to get the hang of puppy crate training you’ll be able to leave him in the crate for longer periods. Eventually he’ll feel so at home in the crate.


Once your American bulldog has all the vaccination you should start walking him. Minimum of three times a day. Especially big dogs need a lot of exercises. Find the place where your American bulldog can safely run and play. You could try leash free parks, parks where dogs can socialize with other dogs and people. There should be one beside humane society in your area.


Spaying is a surgery to remove female’s ovaries and uterus to prevent pregnancy and to eliminate her heats. Heat is a period of sexual receptivity. Neutering or castration removes a male’s testes, leaving the scrotum or sac. It’s done to prevent reproduction and to reduce aggression, wandering and territorial behaviors. Both operations are performed painlessly under anesthesia, recovery is usually rapid. Neutering does not seem to cause major health problems. Some do tend to become less active and less aggressive. Neutered male is more affectionate and gentle, making a better companion. Spaying a female prevents uterus infection and/or cancer and breast cancer. Accidental pregnancies happen more often then we think and are far more expensive then spaying.

The best time for surgery is after American bulldog reaches sexual maturity, which insures least effect on the euro-endocrine system and allows full body development and normal adult shape.

Most females reach this point at age 6-8 months, most males at 9-12months.