An American Bulldog is typically a happy, friendly, and assertive dog that is at ease with its family, and fine with strangers as they get to know the stranger in question. They are quite fond of children, but sometimes do not know their own strength, thus, as with all dogs, they should be supervised with small children. They bond strongly with their master and family but, because of strong guarding instincts and a somewhat dominant attitude, they need a firm but fair hand. They should be socialized and obedience trained early to expose them to other dogs and people, and to ensure that they can be controlled around company as they get older and larger.


They need room to expend their energy and so do best in a home with a backyard. They are not always well behaved towards cats and smaller pets, but correct socialization at an early age can greatly increase the chances of them accepting these animals. American Bulldogs are good with other pets when they are raised with them. They can be stubborn with training – though once they are trained they tend to obey their masters faithfully. American bulldog puppies can be relatively difficult to housebreak, but it is important to be persistent.


American Bulldogs need fair amount of exercise. Puppies and older American bulldogs can get bored very easy which leads to excessive barking or chewing. It is recommended to supply them with the toys that they can chew on and a good amount of exercise and quality time with their owner. You can try working on tracking or weight pulling with your American bulldog. Also remember, not all American bulldogs are alike. Their temperament differs from very early age. There are American bulldogs that are more outgoing and friendly, and there are bulldogs that are more introverted and calm. Usually an American bulldog breeder who spends a good amount of time with their puppies can predict what generic traits the adult may have. However, a lot depends on the environment – so nobody can fully predict the temperament of the American bulldog puppy. It is important to breed only dogs with good temperaments. Please do some research before you decide to buy an American Bulldog puppy. They are adorable, but need proper handling.