Having your American bulldog accompany you during your travel will definitely add enjoyment to your trip. However, it’s important to keep your dog’s safety in mind when traveling, so be sure to check with the airline well in advance of your trip. Familiarize yourself with the airline’s pet requirements so that you can avoid last minute problems. Here are some basic tips:If possible, avoid flying your American bulldog as checked cargo during times when temperatures on the ground are below 40F(4C)or above 80F(21C). Some airlines will not check pets as baggage in the summer months because of potentially hot conditions in the cargo holds. Take direct flights, and try to avoid connections and layovers.


This eliminates missed baggage connections and the chance that your American bulldog will be left exposed to extreme weather. Seek the advice of your vet before travelling. Update all vaccinations and take all necessary papers with you. Do not feed your dog for six hours before the flight, but you can allow water until flight time. Water should also be available in the carrier during the flight. Give the dog fresh water as soon as it arrives at your destination. Avoid the busiest travel times so airline personnel will have extra time to care for your American bulldog. Do not tranquilize your dog without first discussing it with your veterinarian. Make sure the travel carrier has specific feeding and identification labels permanently attached.


Carrier guidelines:


The carrier should be large enough for your American bulldog to stand up and turn around freely. The walls of crate should be strong and waterproof – this will prevent crushing and urine leakage. There must be good ventilation from at least three sides of the carrier. The carrier must have sturdy handles for baggage personnel to use. The carrier should have a water tray which is accessible from the outside so that water can be added if needed. Cover the bottom of the carrier with an absorbent covering or under pad – you can purchase these at pharmacies. Familiarize your American bulldog with the travel carrier before the flight. Let your dog play inside, with the doors both open and closed. This will help to eliminate some of the dog’s stress during the trip.


If you leave your American bulldog unattended in hotel rooms, make sure that there is no opportunity for escape. Leave the dog in the carrier or in the bathroom. Use the ‘Do not disturb’ sign.