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The ups and downs of owning an American bulldog can be devastating if you don’t  have the right information!

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About The Book

You need to know how to pick a healthy puppy and what to do once the puppy is a part of your family. The first days in a new home are crucial to the training; you can’t afford to make mistakes. If you don’t know what you’re doing the results could be potentially catastrophic. Puppies are cute but eventually they become big, and you don’t want to buy a problem.

A couch badly torn and the yard destroyed are two examples of possible problems but there are more serious consequences like – safety. According to Carolyn Alexander of Salinas- another bully breeder “Most of the problems that people have with bullies come from not spending enough time researching or getting sufficient support with their puppies.”


  • Will you make a good American Bulldog owner? – By learning about the American Bulldog’s temperament and needs now, you will avoid surprises later.
  • Why you should never buy an American bulldog puppy on an impulse? – You run the risk of buying into an on-going and costly problem by supporting America’s most cruel business.
  • How to choose the best puppy for your family? – No two pups are alike; a good breeder will know their pups and will match your family with the best dog.
  • Why is early socialization dramatically important for an American bulldog? – Quite literally, the right training and good socialization will make a difference between life and death for your American bulldog and other dogs.
  • Secrets about dog nutrition that dog food companies don’t want you to know – how you can save a lot of money on dog food and feed your American bulldog a better diet.
  • The Best Way To Make Sure Your Dog Stays Healthy? – What I will tell you will save your money and ensure you have a healthy dog.
  • Deadly Mistakes That Will Shorten Your Dog’s Life – do you know what they are and how to avoid them.


Just imagine what it would be like to have this loyal, loving and outgoing dog as your family companion. This breed of dog has the natural instinct to protect your family when the need arises but is generally very friendly to people.

  • The 7 Things You Must Look For In A Breeder – you must know this information to protect yourself and your family from unnecessary heartache and bills.
  • If you don’t know how to choose the right breeder it may potentially cost you a lot of money in vet bills or even your puppy’s life.
  • How to prepare your house for the new puppy? – If you use these techniques during the first few days with your puppy, it will be easy and you save yourself money in house repairs, cleaning and vet bills.
  • Learn about American bulldog’s history – once you understand what motivates your American bulldog you will have no problems with your dog.

What’s inside


Choosing Your Puppy


Puppy At Home




Come Command


Eliminating Problem Behaviors


American Bulldog History & Standard


Be The Pack Leader


Leash Training


Crate Training


Crate Training


Relax Training


A Dominant Dog




Health Care

The day you bring your new puppy into your home is an exciting time. You are bringing home
a new member of your family and you expect that everything will be perfect. That happiness can
quickly disappear when your puppy starts to misbehave. Bully breeds thrive with owners who have good leadership skills and are consistent in their communication of clear boundaries.

Yes, it is the true that the American Bulldog can be the perfect pet as long as you follow simple rules and have this valuable information at your fingertips!

“Just downloaded your book yesterday. I have an American bulldog puppy and you gave me the knowledge that I need to control it. I'm about halfway through your book and really enjoying it! I'm sorry that I didn't download it sooner.”

Ben, Ontario

”I am so glad you wrote this book! I keep doing research online but it takes so much time and it is hard to find the right information. Some breeders take very long to respond to my questions and all they care about is selling a puppy. Your book is very helpful in learning about this rare breed.”

Marie, Florida

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your valuable information which saved me from spending a lot of money on the dog that wasn’t even an American bulldog as a “breeder” claimed. Now I know where to buy and how to recognize if the puppy is a good quality. I am ready to buy my puppy now. Thanks for your book. I know it will be helpful to many.”

Michael, Alberta

My name is Kinga Zak. I started breeding American bulldogs with my husband in 2003. 

Here’s the deal: Go ahead and preview American Bulldogs Care and Training without risk. If you aren’t truly satisfied, return the product for a prompt and courteous refund. No explanation is necessary. You are under no obligation to keep the book if you’re not 100% satisfied.

Kinga Zak


For best friends, it should always be a give and take relationship.Your American Bulldog has a lot to give you; it is your role to provide a good environment, and by giving your pet the opportunity to reach its full potential. You also need to do some giving!


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