I am a grandma to American Bulldog Rocky from Steel City – son of Big Papa Chopper & Chevelle. Couldn’t ask for a more loving pup. Rocky is one of the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever met and I feel quite blessed to spend a lot of time with him from day 1 (always sad to leave him). he adds a lot of joy to our lives. with great pleasure we dog sit him often. His owners joked that we’ll be there for him 1st instead of the hospital, should something put them there. He’s gentle with children, great with people. one of my many great memories of him is at times, while a young puppy, he used to nicely walk my other grandson (an adult doberman) by its lead. I recommend Steel City American Bulldogs to anyone who wants to get an American Bulldog; I will definitely go to Steel City first if I want to get one. Thank you for Rocky Steel City!

Simone Nizamudin