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We are American bulldogs and Shorty bulls breeder and enthusiasts in Burlington, Ontario. We have a small kennel established in 2003 in Ontario, Canada. Our breeding stock consist of only the finest bloodlines. Puppies are whelped under our supervision and with the best vet care.

We feed our American Bulldogs and Shortys mostly raw meat diet and supplement with quality dog food. Dogs we keep have been with us for 6 generations so we know grand , grand parents of our pups. We run a tight program health testing and eliminating dogs as necessary. Breeding is an art and our lines are changing and developing as we try to produce the ultimate dog. The dogs we strive to produce are companion dogs with balanced drive. We work hard to ensure that we breed the lines that are the best dog suited for family, companion, working, obedience and protection.



Most of our breeding stock is tested for hip dysplasia,N.C.L. (Neural Ceroid Lipofuscinosis), Ichthyosis, to ensure that puppies we breed are healthy and the best quality  puppies. It is very important to spend time to research your breeder information which includes your American Bulldog’s family history.  

Our goal is to produce, strong, agile, healthy even tempered American bulldogs. Our American Bulldogs and Shortybulls make excellent family companions and some are well suited for work. The majority of the American Bulldog Puppies we offer for sale end up with families and we are well known in American Bulldog community for producing the dogs with stable temperaments.We have been involved in producing  champion American Bulldogs.